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7 8 Elisabeth Countess of Toggenburg spent her last days in the Rüti Abbey, and she was mentioned on that she was retreated there unser wesen gentzlich in dasselbe gotzhus got zuo dienende gezogen haben and elected her tomb to be with her husband after. Rüti Abbey swiss German : Prämonstratenserkloster Rüti ) was a former, premonstratensian abbey, founded in 1206 and suppressed in 1525 on occasion of the. Contents, history edit, main articles: House of Regensberg and, house of Rapperswil, in 1206 the estate for the abbey was given by Liutold IV, Count of, regensberg, and it was confirmed on by his brother, Eberhard, Archbishop of Salzburg. The conservators assigned to relocate the remaining six medieval grave slabs from the longitudinal walls of the nave to the choir. The church is situated in the center of the municipality of Rüti on a small rocky plateau near the. Bilgeri (Peregrinus) von Wagenberg Abbot.

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 Dienstags und Donnerstags von 18:00 - 19:30 Uhr. 5 Count Fridrich von Toggenburg, Herr zu Brettengow und Tafas donated to his own and the salvation of his ancestor who were buried and he also expects to be buried the church, rights and lands ( Kirchwidem and Kirchensatz ) in Wangen in der March. The external environment has also been redesigned, including the southern church garden (former cemetery) and a new courtyard, as a joint project of church and political community, designed between the Kantonspolizei Zürich police station respectively Amthaus and the church. Andreas Diener was chosen to be his successor, on April 5, 1530, the election was revoked. Reformierte Kirche Rüti (native German name, literally: Rüti Reformed Church ) is an Evangelical Reformed church in the Swiss municipality of, rüti in the, canton of Zürich. 9 On marauding troops of the Old Swiss Confederacy devastated the monastery and desecrated the bodies of the nobles, including Count Friedrich VII who they held responsible for the war with Zürich, and the scavengers pelted with the remains like schoolboys with snowballs. As seen from, bandwiesstrasse. Emil Wüst: Kunst in der Reformierten Kirche Rüti.

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The entrance hall of the former abbey's church where the burial vault of the Counts of Toggenburg was situated. The consecration was originally celebrated on the Sunday after Conversio Sancti Pauli (25 January in 1254 Bishop Eberhard von Regensberg moved fair to the Sunday after the day of remembrance of the Saints Philip and Jacob (1 Mai but in 1298 the parish fair was. Peter Niederhäuser and Raphael Sennhauser (2003). The monastery church was connected to the cloister. Für Bankette, Familienfeiern und geschäftliche Anlässe stehen wir Ihnen sehr gerne zur Verfügung.

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