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Escort 38 cornwall

escort 38 cornwall

91 12 March fishing vessel Gracia was sunk by UC-47, ( Kaiserliche Marine ) 12 miles NNW of Trevose Head with no casualties. No lives lost from either vessel. (1982) The Parish of Tintagel: some historical notes. Ives Head while bringing coal from Barry to Hayle. "SV Saint Joseph (1916. Manchester Available Name: votekas Age:. 14 18 edit Cotton Beach at Morwenstow named after the cargo of a wrecked ship. 206 December edit 8 December the barque Malaleel ( Austria-Hungary ) hit the Shark's Fin, the northernmost rock of the Longships reef and became a total wreck.

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26 25 January (first report) Pioneer ( United Kingdom Wreckage of the steamship was found off Padstow. 68 1917 edit January February 1 February smack Ada ( United Kingdom ) torpedoed by the submarine U-55 ( Kaiserliche Marine ) NNW of Trevose Head. 25 16 March - HMS Torrid ( Royal Navy The R -class destroyer ran aground at Flushing, Cornwall while under tow to the breakers. We had a phone call the other day and a lovely guy (John) said our service was like Tinder for milfs! Of her twenty crew seventeen survived. 26 unknown date Mary Ann wrecked near Porthleven. She sailed between the island and the headland where she hit rocks twice, disabling her rudder and eventually ran ashore just to the west of the Gwithian river.

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41 23 November twelve drowned when the 299 ton Loch Leven Flower ( United Kingdom ) of Sunderland carrying wheat from the Black Sea to Falmouth wrecked on rocks near Halzephron. 221 She was carrying gold, silver and copper ore from Coquimbo, Chile to Fleetwood via Falmouth. 157 15 April tug North Star ( United Kingdom ) driven ashore on the western side of the Hayle estuary when her screw was fouled by a rope while attempting to refloat the stranded Robert and Agnes. 73 27 March brig Traveller of Aberdeen from Port-au-Prince awaiting orders was driven ashore onto Trefusis Point. The ship was a total loss but the crew climbed the cliffs and walked to the village of Treen with their catch, nets and fishing gear worth over 1000. The ship was bound for the West Indies and was the last big sailing boat rescued in Mount's Bay. 8 5 November Nefili steamed into Dollar Cove, Land's End in fog when her radar failed.

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The captain miscalculated the rencontre usa cuba ship's position blaming the intensity of the Lizard lighthouse. She was carrying 2000 tons of coal. She grounded on the Doom Bar on an ebb tide 42 The officer in charge Lt John Jackson was courtmartialled for negligence and three of the crew received fifty lashes for desertion. She was refloated and towed to Devonport. Tonne The Zone torpedoed and sunk off the north coast of Cornwall. 8 April U325 ( Kriegsmarine ) sunk off The Lizard in a British minefield (Artizan B3, part 1). A b c d e f g h i j Anon (1891). A number of people described as Camborne Miners were committed to trial at the Assize after stealing the anchors, food and clothing. Retrieved 13 December 2012. 26 10 November Jenopher ( United Kingdom ) foundered six miles south of Mousehole with the loss of a crew member during a "big storm". The crew were taken off by the Sennen Cove lifeboat Newbons ( Royal National Lifeboat Institution ) and the schooner was not seen again. 54 1826 edit 5 February ketch Ida ( Sweden ) bound from Messina for Stockholm with a cargo of oranges wrecked on Porthleven beach near the newly completed harbour. She also carried a cargo of materials including velvet and it was said these were hidden in every chimney and within every gorse bush in the parish with one black velvet coat still being worn in the village in 1930. Later refloated and repaired 168 19 edit September Lyminge ( United Kingdom ) ran aground on Ebal Rocks off Gurnard's Head. Age: 51 Essex Available Name: bicoach Age: 45 Lancashire Available Name: alma Age: 65 Worcs / Hereford / Shrops Available Name: lyn36 Age:. 14 24 April galliot Margeritha Hellinga with a cargo of beans ran ashore on Loe Bar. "SS Shad Thames 1918". Schooners Lavinia, Killigrew and Ceres also driven ashore. 61 1916 edit July 18 July 3,000 ton Glasgow steamer Neto grounded at Gurnard's Head while carrying hay and fodder to Cherbourg. 41 24 or 25 May sloop Temperance ( United Kingdom ) while carrying coal wrecked at Marsland Mouth in a NNW gale, with the loss of her three crew. 12 m records shows the list of those who died in this shipwreck, and the total listed.W. Contents edit, an estimated 2530 vessels were lost on the. One body was washed up at Chyandour, Penzance, while the punt, plus another, was later brought into Newlyn. Four men from the village of Flushing died. 168 February edit 9 February the Aberystwith schooner Jane and Ellen ( United Kingdom ) went ashore on the beach at Charlestown.

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