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Cheers, Jack Lee talk 15:35, (UTC) I checked the moves, but there has been some system/bot blackout during the first move, so not possible to verify the 11 image moves. The diffusion of the super-category might be impossible with only the online sources and the idea of it makes (for me) thinking about the storage and age problems far more appealing. (Verbal) Violence calls for violence, they say. Everything blocks when vandalisme and edit wars start. Thus, the suggestion is that if a Pdf or Djvu file is educationally useful even to a single other Wiki it should be kept. It should be a golden rule thing. Groeten - Wouter 10:10, (UTC) Helemaal mee eens. Description: a target spot (location code) template that is substituted by a bot when all things are settled User: just a standard user name that you create and document, so every thing remains normal, documentation on the user page (should be no problem for your. As you will see on many web pages: web sites which are over-structured and have too many category levels are very bad for browsing. Did you check any of that?

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I'll bet that within a couple of weeks, a renaming of all flora stuff to plants will be re-negotiable while the whole eco-region problem is gone. 1,2.2 large tree, 20.3 1 tree,. A possibly better name Limoges on the Via Lemovicensis comes spontaneoulsy, thanks to this discussion. Multichill ( talk ) 12:43, 29 November 2008 (UTC) IRC is op veel plaatsen voor mij niet toegankelijk en ik ben er ook niet echt voorstander van, hoewel het inderdaad handig kan zijn, maar niet meteen de meest efficiënte tijdsbesteding (commons ook niet hoor). Don't forget that categories are equally used for quick browsing and finding. In front of the townhall. Someday if there are both graphs and charts then there might be a reason to separate out 2 subcategories for charts and graphs. Forms are specified in general rules or schemes.


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Ik verkies zoals jij (denk ik) de comma voor plaatsnamen. Korenschuur.1 Spoorlaan.2 garden at the back of townhall.3 Bokhovenstraat.4 Telstarlaan.1 front garden of 107. Foroa ( talk ) 14:11, 1 December 2008 (UTC) Nog even niet aan toegekomen. Slaunger ( talk ) 07:53, 2 September 2008 (UTC) It was just a question and the answer to that question could have been a yes or a no or a "kind of" or ignored entirely. Foroa ( talk ) 08:28, (UTC) Thanks for stepping in edit Thank you for stepping. Recently, I have learned how to work with that so a few instances of the genus page having more words than just the genus name is kind of fun. There are a lot of communication which perhaps should not be ignored that become ignored, however.

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Xvdvoort ( talk ) 21:43, (UTC) Commons Scope - Pdf and Djvu files edit I have added some text dealing with these based on the discussion on the talk page. Sometimes, when a vehicle without problems gets "repaired anyways" the vehicle no longer works as well as it did before this repair. This is an important idea for category merging. It is one of the reasons that I did not request a merge. Foroa ( talk ) 07:14, 16 November 2008 (UTC) Now that's exactly what I wanted to hear read from you: then I suppose you may not like Captain Beefheart or Brel ; and any artists singing in Vlams or else? Voorbeeld Category:Rectories in Belgium, Daar werkt het on Wikipedia template dus niet, toevallig werkt het wel met "exotische" onderwerpen als megalith. 1 tree., thickest in the Netherlands (measured myself in 2001: 508-516 cm - forked 2,2m/2,6m/2,3m). This Peutinger Tabula seems a supercat to all the roads. Moreover, often each additional voting round increases the polarisation and decreases even more the consensus leaving mainly extremist or black white positions at the debate.

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I think that I am perfectly capable of reading all documentation without having to ask, even if 80 of the discussion is not to the point. Although all nominations will be reset, you, as a test nominator, will still have the advantage that each femme mariée rencontre homme marie tirlemont candidate can be re-nominated beginning June 1 0:00 UTC. Regards - Herby talk thyme 07:58, (UTC) Thank you. Almost everything else I do works with the existing system and is like tidying. Foroa ( talk ) 19:20, 2 November 2008 (UTC) Eskerrik asko! By showing me to adress sections directly, do you suggest that I move Type documentation back to Commons:Category scheme megaliths? Pero bueno, ya se sabe que la enfermedad del ignorante es ignorar su propia ignorancia. The person who asked the question (me) was given a situation of impossible tasks and failing to accomplish the impossible found herself in a land far from familiar with no credit for positive accomplishments (not impossible things that had been successfully completed). Only I try to homogenize all the municipalities of Spain, and all the categories. Zo heb je meteen een vertaling en een eenvoudige regel in iedere betrokken wikipedia. When I am walking on a sidewalk, and I see a sign that says "No skateboarding" if I am not skateboarding, the sign means nothing. It seems too automatic a task to waste a human. Category:Violent crime rates is a subcategory of Category:Violent crime statistics which is a subcategory of Category:Crime statistics and. Chaussée Brunehaut Chaussée Brunehaut in Belgium Chaussée Brunehaut in France Chaussée Brunehaut in Peutinger Tabula in Belgium Chaussée Brunehaut in Peutinger Tabula in France Many images are photographies on the roads, but some are map of the roads. More than half of Via Belgica is a Chaussée Brunehaut and Via Belgica is only a very small part of the whole Chaussées Brunehaut. Abstract art (and 3D naive art, a bit of sex, something about religion or saints, image:g (quite good for me, this fainted glamour. Bossi ( talk gallery contrib ) 23:55, 3 September 2008 (UTC) Restored. Eibergen: Grote Straat (in front of the library near the church). Foroa 10:41, (UTC) Beeld van het Leeuw van Waterloo edit dag meneer! I, I limit myself in an exercise of cooperation, democracy and protection of the Commons community.

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